Universal Shooting Academy


Universal Shooting Academy Training Philosophy

Universal Shooting Academy, High speed execution of the fundamentals of marksmanship. Whether you are training to win in a competition, training to improve your skills in the line of duty or to gain confidence with your personal protection firearm, fundamentals make the difference. Fast accurate hits are what separate winning from losing; on the street, on the battlefield, and in the game.

International champions, National Champions, US World Shoot Team members, former special operations soldiers, overseas contractors, former and current law enforcement officers…..these are your instructors at Universal Shooting Academy. Those that can not only teach the craft but can do it! And continue to prove it on the competition circuit.

Our small cadre of instructors are able to communicate the knowledge and expertise gained through years of shooting and teaching. These techniques will help you achieve higher levels and save you time and money.

One of the main reasons for our success in achieving your goals at high speed is due to our small class sizes. You could compare it to having a personal trainer vs. wondering around the globo gym by yourself.

All of our courses offer personalized attention. No matter your skill level with our expertise it is our job to make you comfortable with our program. The advantage with our system versus any other academy in the world is the professional ability to evaluate each student on an individual basis and custom tailor the course around the students needs. 

They over courses such as: 

Basic Practical Pistol Course

Intermediate Practical Pistol Course

Advanced Practical Pistol Course I and II, etc.

Tactical Programs