Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (MLAGB)

The Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (MLAGB) was formed in 1952 and is the governing body for muzzle loading within the UK. It is recognized by the Muzzle Loaders Associations International Committee. Its objectives are to encourage an interest in muzzle loading firearms; to promote, regulate and safeguard their use; and to preserve their freedom of collection. It produces a quarterly magazine called Black Powder.
MLAGB is the sports National Governing Body and is recognised as such by the Muzzle Loaders Associations International Committee (MLAIC), World Governing Body for muzzle loading shooting.


The MLAIC holds World Championship matches at short range for musket, rifle, pistol and shotgun every two years with a European Championship held in the intervening years. In addition a World Long Range Championship is held every two years and includes events out to 1000 yards. The MLAGB selects teams to represent Great Britain in international competition. Also there are a number of open matches held on the Continent that members attend.

Muzzle loading today is an exciting sport, the variety of which is unmatched. From the casual target shooters, to collectors through to the keenest marksman with international aspirations there is something to offer.

mlagb run a shop on their website with few intresting items


There are a number of sub groups within the MLAGB:

The Long Range Rifles Branch of the MLAGB seeks to foster an interest in long range target shooting. Unlike the regional Branches of the MLAGB, the Long Range Rifles (LRR) Branch draws its membership from throughout the UK and also includes members from France and the USA.

The Wedgnock Rifle and Pistol Club. They  are the resident rifle and pistol club at the Muzzle Loaders of Great Britain’s Wedgnock Range Complex on the outskirts of Warwick and shoot out to 25, 50 and 100 metres. Their members participate in a wide range of disciplines ranging from Air Pistols to Fast Cowboy Action…Shooting skills and styles that would otherwise fall outside the MLAGBs remit.

The MLAGB is also represented regionally in many clubs with their Affiliated Club membership and The Branch structure offers newcomers to the sport opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in their region and receive proper training in the safe use and handling of both muzzle loading firearms and black powder.