The National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom, founded in 1859 is the governing body of full bore rifle, shotgun (excluding clay pigeon) and pistol shooting sports in the United Kingdom.


The NRA UK provide lots of courses. It is the best place for newcomers to learn new skills in one of the best ranges in the world.

The NRA operates as a charity and works to benefit Armed Forces and the wider shooting community. It offers and provides support to the Armed Services for marksmanship training and the development of improved performance, and remains a civilian organisation.

Photo credit-Sam.R – NRA Probationary course – Short Siberia 100 Yards

Their probationary course goes through all aspects of shooting and covers all fundamentals perfect for those who are new to shooting sport and even those who wish to brush their skills.

There are many courses run by NRA to take advantage of:

  • Probationary which comprises of five separate Modules
  • Skill development courses such as Target Rifle, Gallery Rifle, Target Shotgun, CRS
  • Range officer courses; RSO, RCO, Club Instructor
  • Specialises courses such as Black Powder, Handloading
Photo credit-Sam.R – NRA Probationary course – Gallery Rifle 50 Yards

These days the association is primarily concerned with civilian full-bore target rifle shooting, although retaining its military heritage and close links with the British Armed Forces.

NRA arranges lots of events and competitions each year. Competitions in disciplines such as;
F Class, Match Rifle which is one of the oldest types of shooting since 1862 at distances from 1000 to 1200 yards.
Service Rifle, Service competitors alongside civilians.
ISSF 300 meter, which is governed by ISSF Rules.

Sporting Rifle, for hunters.
Gallery Rifle, which in countries such as the UK, Ireland, Germany, South Africa and Australia national and international competitions are regularly undertaken.
Muzzle Loading Pistol, single shot flintlock or percussion pistols and revolvers fired at 25 meters. Also, Muzzle Loading Rifle Shooting with smoothbore muskets at 50 metres, and sometimes out to 600 or 1000 yards.
Classic and Historic with firearms of the pre WW2 era.
Target Shotgun in several disciplines for semi-automatic or manual shotguns at the paper, steel and clays
Clay Shooting, skeet, trap, down the line, and sporting clays.

NRA have one of the best shooting ranges in the world

The principal ranges used at Bisley today were originally laid out 1890 to accommodate modern full-bore rifle shooting and lots of improvements have been made since. The National Shooting Centre different ranges can accommodate most shooting disciplines, from 10m air rifle to 1200 yard fullbore shooting. Introducing the new top of the range electronic target recently in most distances up to 1200 yard allows shooters to practice in most weather conditions with accuracy.

SAfety is the most important matter in any shooting range, that is why the training is so important

Photo credit-Sam.R- NRA UK – Century Range 600 Yards

All ranges can accommodate people with disabilities to participate in most disciplines.

National Clay Shooting Centre at Bisley is another treasure on its own, it has been the home of shooting since 1890 and has promoted and encouraged marksmanship for over 100 years. As part of this home, the NCSC offers world-class clay shooting facilities for all shooting disciplines and even hosts international competitions.

Mattarelli traps offer impressive facilities for clay shooters of all abilities. The facilities include computer controlled scoring, trap sequencing, acoustic release and covered stands