Waffen-Sammlerbörse Luzern

The arms collector’s fair is fair for shooters, hunters, and lovers of weapons and militaria. It takes place once a year in Lucerne and has a long tradition. The fair is the oldest national exhibition and one of the largest and most important stock exchanges in Switzerland and Europe with over 9,500 from Switzerland and neighbouring countries. The range of exhibitors ranges from handcrafted weapons to sporting and military rifles and pistols to the most modern sporting and hunting weapons. In addition, there are exhibition areas for accessories, clothing, awards, rarities and unique items with a high collector’s value. The always very high product quality contributes to the good reputation of the fair and makes it one of the most important traditional fairs in Lucerne. The fair is accompanied by various activities such as shooting ranges for crossbows.

The 46th edition of the weapons collector’s exchange will take place on 3 days from,  24 June 2022 to 26 June 2022.