Strength and Conditioning

There are a range of physical and mental factors that contribute to successful performance in Shooting Sports. Not all of these factors are important for all shooters as we are all different but we thought we put together some of the exercises and training undertake by some competitors.
Strength and conditioning is an integral part of any athletic development program across all sports. Sport Strength and Conditioning considers the various methods used to physically prepare athletes in sport. Training methods used to enhance the capacity of the 3 energy systems (phosphate, lactic and aerobic) is considered in the context of periodisation and long-term athlete development. Appropriate training modalities will be presented for aerobic, strength, power, speed and agility capacities. Effective prehabilitation and rehabilitation methods will then be explored with respect to injury prevention and the purpose of warm-up and cool-downs and different types of flexibility sessions. Taping and measuring loading / peaking index during training phases will be demonstrated along with participation in various recovery strategies. Finally, designing long-term athlete development programs for athletes of diverse physical requirements is considered in the context of strength and conditioning. Sport Strength and Conditioning provides an in-depth understanding of athletic physical preparation including appropriate testing and training methods.