ACCURIZE Shooting System


The Accurize Shooting System, developed and designed in Norway is a high-quality system using the latest laser and digital technology. There are three elemental parts to the system which are very easy and straightforward to set up. The Accurize shooting system gives you the confidence to take the perfect shot when it matters.

The cartridge is essentially loaded like a standard rifle cartridge, but the lack of a rim means you can reload without having to worry about the cartridge popping out. They come in a variety of calibres (.308, 6,5×55, .30-06, 222, .223 Rem, 9,3×62, 9mm, 38 spec, 357mag, 6 mmXC, 6BR Norma, 45 ACP, 12 Guage calibres), and when you shoot at the target it is registered instantly on your phone when you have started a session. It is exactly the registration of shots which makes Accurize appealing to me. As you can go back over time and look at how you have shot previously, you can start to see patterns and thus actively eliminate errors. The Accurize laser technology enables you to practice anytime, anywhere because practice makes the perfect shot. You can shoot an endless number of rounds again and again; perfecting your aim with your own firearm.

Dry fire training will help you to improve the fundamental skills involved in shooting a firearm. You can practice proper grip, trigger control, sight alignment, and breathing techniques. It can also help you to overcome any bad habits you may have developed, such as the anticipation of recoil.

You can use the Accurize shooting system wherever you like indoors.