Walküre (Nimrod in UK) Precision Rifle


During our years of shooting in NRA UK one of the rifles we purchased and tried was a custom-built rifle made in Germany
Walküre (Or as it is known in the UK as NIMROD) is a precision rifle made in Bavaria, Germany. The owner and founder of AS.H is Andres Schuler a very well-known gunmaker and inventor in Germany. Their flagship is a self-constructed Precision Rifle gun (PSG) Valkyrie (AKA in UK as Nimrod).

They incorporated a self-developed system when designing this rifle, and decided to make this compatible in important areas with the Remington 700 system. They have paid attention to compatibility, especially in the interface shaft system, shanks, magazines, and prints. However, they integrated the recoil cleat into their system at the interface shaft system in order to meet the exact requirement for precision. 
It comes with an integrated 0 MOA Picatinny rail which is part of the action. The action is fashioned from tool steel that has a tensile strength of 1200N/mm2 and is then gas nitride finished with a phosphate and polyurethane coating.
The bolt action uses a 3-lug operating system that locks into a central action ring embedded into the action body.
Each lug is 0.54” long and 0.35” wide and offers near 100% contact when engaged, which certainly aids accuracy.
It has a 60° bolt lift and is 7” long with a solid 0.84” inch O/D, with nine radial flutes to reduce bearing surface and to reduce any unwanted binding due to debris falling onto the action. These are shallow and blacked inside to contrast with the polished bolt body.
The barrel is a stainless steel match grade famous German-made Lothar Walther (same as A.I )


We tried Nimrod in 2 calibers (.300 Win Mag and .308 Win), the 300 Win Mag had an AX AICS chassis in NRA UK Century Range at a distance of 600 yards. First, we needed to do special zeroing procedures in Zero Range using a specific HME target, because of 300 Win Mag Muzzle Energy to meet the Bisley range requirement (.338 caliber HME rifles were not allowed on any of the NRA UK ranges in Bisley due to Range Danger Area and Air Danger Height requirements, which exceed the available range safety template and air danger height).

The .308 was on AT AICS (we upgraded the trigger to a Canadian-built two-stage trigger from Cadex Defence), used Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod V8, with scope mounts American Defense AD-DELTA 20 MOA 1 Piece Quick Detach Unimount (as Nimrod got a FALT Picatinny rail which is a part of the action itself), the scope we use was Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27×50 APLR3 FFP IR MOA, which was decent.
Apart from the AICS chassis, Nimrod can slip into other aftermarket stocks due to the Remington 700 action underside profile, it can come in PSE composite stocks from Cork, Ireland, and GRS rifle stocks from Hornindal, Norway.

The 3-position firing pin safety is somehow similar to Accuracy International 3-position safety, but note that it is not exactly as it is difficult to find the middle position, also the bolt opening to access the firing pin is not as simple and straightforward as Accuracy International, because it’s seating on the ACIS chassis the magazine is single stack instead of the AI original Double stack.


Hunting Version

AS.H currently has a hunting version of the PSG Valkyrie for purely sporting and applying weight reduction. Equipped with Lothar Walther barrels, other selectable calibers, and special stocks.


In our opinion overall is a good rifle after a year of use and very similar to Accuracy International, but it’s not exactly an not an AI. But if your budget is limited it will bring you enough joy.


  • The action is tool steel with 1200N/mm2 tensile strength, Gas nitride, Phosphate and Polyurethane coated
  • Three lug bolt into lock ring, 60 degrees bolt lift
  • Spiral-channelled chamber
  • Extractor similar to Sako
  • Chamber stems with plastic knob and thread
  • 3-position firing pin safety
  • Integrated Picatinny rail without pretension
  • Integrated recoil cleats
  • Rem 700 compatible prints
  • Lothar Walther match barrel
  • Running length 52 cm 58 cm or 65 cm
  • Muzzle thread M18x1at 22mm mouth diameter
  • AICS insertion magazines
  • Cheekpiece height adjustable
  • Excellent shooting performance

Sporting Services imports this rifle from AS.H in Germany into the UK under the name of NIMROD.

Overall, we found the .308 Win version with AT AICS chassis the best version in our opinion and presents stunning accuracy without any recoil felt also

AS.H Walküre-AKA Nimrod Rifle-Photo credit https://buema-hochwang.de/
CALIBERS .308 Win, 300 Win Mag, 6.5×55, 6.5×47 Lapua,
260 Remington
OVERALL-LENGTH With 65 cm barrel and AX AICS stock-117cm 
With 65 cm barrel and AT AICS stock-117cm 
With 65 cm barrel and PSE stock-118cm
With 58 cm barrel and AX AICS stock-110cm 
With 58 cm barrel and AT AICS stock-110cm
With 58 cm barrel and PSE stock-111cm 

With 52 cm barrel and AX AICS stock-102cm 
With 52 cm barrel and AT AICS stock- 102cm 
With 52 cm barrel and PSE stock-103cm 
58 cm
52 cm
WEIGHT With 65 cm barrel and AX AICS stock approx. 6.1 kg
With 65 cm barrel and AT AICS stock approx. 5.7 Kg 
With 65 cm barrel and PSE stock approx. 4.8 Kg 

With 58 cm barrel and AX AICS stock approx. 5.95 Kg 
With 58 cm barrel and AT AICS stock approx. 5.55 Kg 
With 58 cm barrel and PSE stock approx. 4.65 Kg 

With 52cm barrel and AX AICS stock approx. 5.8 Kg 
With 52cm barrel and AT AICS stock approx. 5.4 Kg 
With 52cm barrel and PSE stock approx. 4.5 Kg 
MAGAZINE Accuracy International Compatible
MAGAZINE-CAPACITY 5 and 10 rounds (Single Stack)
TRIGGER Adjustable 2-stage trigger (additional payment otherwise comes with single stage)
SAFETY Bolt safety 3 firing position
STOCK AX AICS, AT AICS (foldable or fix), PSE (PSE Composites Rifle Stocks) , GRS